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Rehive consists of three parts: Platform, Extensions, and Applications. This overview assumes that you are familiar with these. We offer some extensions out of the box, but it is also possible to build your own custom extensions.

We’ll look at the typical structure for integrating with a banking partner. For each flow, we will highlight which Rehive endpoints to use.

The first place to start is by familiarizing yourself with the Get Started section. This gives a basic overview of how to start building an extension as well as the ground-level endpoints you’ll need to use. You should also familiarize yourself with Rehive’s Standard Configurations to ensure that the correct subtypes are used for specific transactions.

Support and enablement

The Account Manager expectations article outlines what support is available from Rehive when building a custom extension. Whether or not you are on a subscription plan that includes an account manager:

  • You must verify that your chosen 3rd party provider has support for the common endpoints for the integration requirements.
  • You must consider how data is stored and linked to users in your extension.
  • You should familiarize yourself with the Rehive Help Center.
  • Rehive may offer a call to go over the flows if documentation is not sufficient or to identify variances. The banking partner should be included as a specialist.
  • Rehive does not provide codebase-level reviews for custom extensions.
  • Support will be provided if any Rehive endpoints are not working - please take note of the guidelines for reporting technical issues.