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The Rehive platform is a multi tenant application that separates data by a company identifier. This means that the company is an important part of all interactions with the platform. To do anything in Rehive, you must always have a company.


Companies in Rehive have their own details such as id, name, description and website as well as a wide range of settings that can be adjusted depending on how you want the company to function. It is a good idea to take a look at all of these before making a decision regarding how you want your application to function. The full company object looks like this:

    "id": "rehive",
    "name": "rehive",
    "description": "This is an example company.",
    "website": "https://rehive.com",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "logo": null,
    "address": {
        "line_1": "22 Example Street",
        "line_2": "",
        "city": "Example City",
        "state_province": "Example Province",
        "country": "ZA",
        "postal_code": "8000"
    "settings": {
        "allow_transactions": true,
        "allow_debit_transactions": true,
        "allow_credit_transactions": true,
        "require_verification": false,
        "allow_registrations": true,
        "allow_overdrafts": false,
        "allow_session_durations": false,
        "require_terms_and_conditions": false,
        "default_transaction_status": "Pending",
        "password_reset_url": "",
        "password_set_url": "",
        "email_confirmation_url": "",
        "nationalities": []
    "created": 1516281408895,
    "updated": 1535536086941


Take a look at the Platform API Reference for the list of company endpoints.

Take a look at the Platform Admin API Reference for the list of company management endpoints.


Usage remains the same for all endpoints in Rehive. Simply invoke one of the allowed HTTP methods with the correct Content-Type and an Authorization header.