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Controls the appearance / features in accounts section

Types: (s) - string, (b) - boolean, (i) - integer

  • layout: (s: ‘accounts’/'') groups currencies by accounts with totals, defaults to listing all currencies.
  • actionVariant: (s: ‘text’/'') controls whether to use icons (default) or text action buttons.
  • identifier: (s ‘name’/'') controls whether to use the account reference or account name in the web application url.
  • amountDisplayCurrency: (b ‘true’) controls whether to use display currency value or actual account value as main amount used/displayed throughout the application. This affects both account listings, application selector cards as well as the amount inputs.
  • displayAccountReference: (b ‘false’) controls whether the account reference is shown on individual application cards on accounts listing
"accounts" : {
  "layout": "",
  "actionVariant": "",
  "identifier": "name",
  "amountDisplayCurrency": true,
  "displayAccountReference": false