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Execute a conversion

This section will provide guidelines for triggering and executing transactions on the third party when quotes are accepted.


  • The user must be on a Tier that allows transactions. Tiers are configured per Group using the Rehive Admin Dashboard.
  • In order to execute any conversion transaction on a third party, all steps in Request a quote must be successfully completed.
  • The quote information from the Request a quote steps will be used to trigger the associated transactions on the third-party ledger as well as the Rehive Platform. For this, it will need to store Collection ID’s from quotes provided to the Rehive Conversion Estension.
  • Your custom extension will need to subscribe to Rehive transaction webhooks (see Rehive docs).


  1. The user accepts quote
  2. The Rehive Conversion Extension creates a pending transaction collection on the Rehive Platform
  3. The Rehive platform sends a transactiona webhook with the relevant transaction collection details
  4. Your custom extension matches the transaction collection_id to one stored against a quote and triggers the transaction to be executed on the third-party platform
  5. The third-party platform returns the outcome (success/failure)
  6. Your custom extension patches the pending platform transaction with the outcome, failed or complete using the /admin/transactions/{tx_code}/ endpoint.
Withdraw to bank account
  • This flow assumes that the transaction is linked to a collection_id that matches that of a previously processed quote. Any transaction webhooks received without a matching collection_id should be ignored.
  • This process will be repeated for each transaction in the transaction collection.
  • Once all transactions in the collection have been executed and updated, the quote should be fulfilled on any third-party and and the associated Rehive transactions completed.