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Withdrawal Fees

On withdrawals, a fee might need to be applied when processing the transaction on the third party ledger. If this is the case, a fee transaction can be appended to the collection that is being processed. This is done by:

  1. Getting the fee value that will be charged by the third party ledger. Usually by creating some form of quote object on the third party.
  2. Creating a Rehive transaction object, which includes the fee value, currency, and the relevant fee subtype. Example
        "amount": 100,
        "currency": USD,
        "subtype": "fee"
  1. Append the transaction to the current collection being handled by updating the transaction object to admin/transaction-collections/ + {collection_id} + /transactions/

Inclusive vs Exclusive fees

The third party ledger you integrate with might support creating transactions with a fee that is either inclusive or exclusive. This is supported by the inclusive field on a Rehive transaction that can be set to True/False (by default it’s False).

When the currency manager processes a transaction, it can check the Rehive transaction inclusive flag and use this to make either an inclusive or exclusive transaction on the third party.