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In addition to the core platform, Rehive offers several officially supported and maintained extensions that can be used to extend platform functionality. These extensions are designed to work alongside the platform to provide additional functionality like cryptocurrency compatibility, notifications, and rewards.

Rehive extensions

A list of Rehive managed extensions can be found below:

  • Conversions - Provides a management tools and access to currency pairs, rates and conversions.
  • Notifications - Provides management tools and event triggers to send email and SMS notifications.
  • Rewards - Provides management tools and functionality to trigger and implement reward campaigns.
  • Products - Provides product and order management features that can be purchased using the platform.
  • Mass send - Allows users to create transactions en-masse using a CSV import.
  • Stellar - Provides management tools and a stellar implementation built on the platform.
  • Business - Provides tools for business onboarding, management, invoicing and payouts.
  • Payment Request - Provides an interface and management tools for requesting payments from users.

Custom extensions

Additionally, Rehive allows companies to add their own custom extension on a per-company basis.To learn how to do this check out the Building docs.