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Core resources

There are three core resource in the reward extension that you need to know about in order to start creating campaigns.


The reward campaigns object contains data related to how, when, where and why a reward is triggered or should be triggered. It allows you to setup event based rewards or rewards that have to be explicitly invoked by users.

Field Description
id Unique identifier for the product
name Name of a campaign
description Description of a campaign
start_date Campaign start date
end_date Campaign end date
currency Campaign reward currency
account Campaign reward fund
total Campaign reward cap
fixed_amount Fixed amount per campaign reward
percentage A percentage amount per campaign reward
balance Amount of funds left in the reward
type Type of reward (fixed, fixedpercentage, percentage)
default_status Default status of the reward (pending, complete)
users List of users who can receive this reward
groups List of groups that can receive this reward
max_per_user Max number of times a user can receive this campaign reward
active Whether the reward is active or not
visible Whether the reward is visible to end users
claim Whether users can claim this reward
expression An expresison that can be evluated to decide whether this should be rewarded
event The event that triggers this campaign reward
event_user The user (in the event) that receives the reward
event_amount The amounf (in the event) that the percent reward should be based on


The reward object contains data related to individual rewards as they were received by users. It also stores related Rehive transaction information.

Field Description
id Unique identifier for the product
user User that the reward belongs to
campaign The campiagn this reward is related to
currency Currency this reward is in
amount Amount of the reward
type Type of reward (fixed, fixedpercentage, percentage)
status Status of the reward (pending, failed, complete)
debit_tx Related Rehive debit transaction
credit_tx related Rehive credit transaction
metadata Metadata object