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Users are entities that interact with the Platform and have their own subset of data that is linked to them. Users are usually a company’s customers but the managers, suppport staff, and superadmins within a company are also users. Usually, users are digital identities for real people but they can also be machine users or entities that are used for operational purposes. The platform groups feature allows for thecategorization of users to better indicate their usage.

In order to authenticate using the Auth component of the Platform, a user needs to exist. When a company is registered for the first time, an owner user is automatically created. This user cannot be deleted and fulfills the role of a superadmin in the company. Additional users can be added to the company in two ways:

  • User registration : An end-user registration flow.
  • User creation : An admin only flow to create users.

Once a user is created, they can authenticate using the Platform via the login endpoint.