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The platform provides a way to filter and/or sort on listing pages. All filtering and sorting is done via query parameters in the GET request.

To filter by a field, include it in the URL as a standard query parameter with a ? delimiting the URL and the start of the query parameters and a & between each filtered field. This can be seen below:

curl https://api.rehive.com/3/admin/transactions/?status=complete&tx_type=debit&orderby=created \
  -X GET \
  -H "Authorization: Token {token}" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json"

To sort results, an endpoint will often also include an optional orderby query parameter.

Complex Filter Fields

There are several filter field types in the API that offer more complex interactions:

Date Fields

Date fields can be further narrowed down by filtering on ranges using the greater than (__gt) and less than (__lt) suffixes (eg. created__gt).

Dates in the platform are always represented as millisecond UNIX timestamps. When querying by dates or date ranges you will need to always do so using a millisecond UNIX timestamp as well (eg. 1647447399000).

Metadata Fields

Custom metadata fields can be filtered on their first level children by adding the child attribute as a suffix (__child_attribute). So if metadata contains a JSON object with an attribute name it can be filtered using ?metadata__name=joshua.